• Sony Digital Paper

    Digital Paper from Sony, in conjunction with Worldox, gives you the power to annotate, share and save your documents - all from a handy, super-legible device that's light enough to carry anywhere!
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  • O2 Power Toolbars

    O2 Consulting Group’s Power Toolbars make you productive by placing common tasks one or two clicks away.
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  • Power Tools for Law Firms®

    For fifteen years, O2 Consulting Group has helped firms like yours keep their document processing tools and procedures at the highest, proven levels of sophistication.
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20 years of success
Twenty years is truly a milestone.  My Sincerest Thank You for the Privilege of your Business.  I appreciate having you as a Client and look forward to working with you again.

Our Products

  • The superior document management product in design, price, features, market-share, industry awards, and client raves. Read More
  • O2 Consulting Group’s Power Tool Bars make you productive by placing common tasks one or two clicks away, rather than having to wade through menus and dialog boxes Read More
  • Symphony Suite completely optimizes the entire workflow process of scanning and filing, making it as easy to work with paper documents as it is to work with electronic documents. Read More
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